A picture is worth a thousand words…

Have you ever heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well no one understands this phrase like those who are reflecting on their wedding pictures. Captured within those still shots are the feelings and emotions of one of adulthoods most memorable days. The bride and groom can relive all the thoughts and feelings that were circulating through them on that special day. Once captured, the pictures can be revisited for years to come, both by those who were there, and all the children and future family that were yet to be born.

In our opinion, there is nothing worth spending money on during your wedding more than the images you and your family will have for a lifetime.

It is important to choose the right photographer and wedding coordinator for this special day, and we recommend that our clients do extensive due diligence to find the company that is right for them. It is important that there is connection between the bride & groom and their photographer. There is only one opportunity to capture this special day so ensure that you and your photographer are on the same page, and that they will translate all the feelings you want to captured onto film.

Here at Joanie Scott Weddings, we make sure that our potential clients get ample time with our photographers before that special day comes, so they can establish a comfortable relationship, that will translate in the quality of pictures captured during the wedding. We don’t want just any business, we want the right business. It is our passion to produce world class photography and weddings each and every time we sign up for a job, so its important we are comfortable with you, just as you are with us.

Outlined on this site is insight into who we are, and what offer, in order for bystanders to get a feel for our company before you ever have to talk to us. We hope to accurately portray our business on this website, for it to reduce time on your end calling every company in the phone book.

We appreciate you stopping by and hope you enjoy everything we have laid out here at joaniescottweddings.com

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