What Does A Wedding Mean To You?

Weddings mean something different to all of us. Depending on your gender, culture, background, family, or many other factors, you may perceive weddings differently than someone else. To some it’s a promise, to others it’s a celebration, and to many it’s simply an age old tradition.

Though we are taking part in the same thing, we all can interpret it differently. And knowing what your wedding means to you is critical insight for our wedding coordinating team here at Joanie Scott weddings, because it will be the story we are trying to portray and capture.

If you see a wedding as a sacred tradition, we want to capture those feelings in the ceremony. 

We often ask our potential clients to describe the feeling they want to cultivate during the ceremony using three words. We then take this intel and make sure that everything we incorporate in the wedding work towards creating those feelings. Furthermore, we aim to capture those feelings in the theme of the photos taken during the event.

So our suggestion for those reading this, is to describe in your own words what feelings you would want to creat during your wedding. You can say them in your head, write them down, or feel free to post them in the comments. Here are a few popular words used by previous clients, to assist you.












It’s your wedding and your vision so don’t feel limited by the ideas of others. We often ask potential clients to be creative and envision a wedding that is entirely unique and fitting to the bride and grooms personalities.

Often times with weddings they are based so deeply in tradition and expectations, that bride and groom feel pressured to create something that others will like. However the wedding is not for everyone else, it is for the bride and groom. So make it tailored to your personalities, and have it be your vision, not someone else’s.

So take some time to discover your three descriptive words, and continue to refine them until they feel perfectly fitting for the wedding of your dreams. We then suggest you share these with your wedding coordinator, photographer, your guests, and yourself. Know what you want out of your wedding, and let everyone else know too, so you can create the wedding that was meant for you.


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