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As a wedding coordinator we constantly are asked questions regarding attire. Whether it’s recommendations, suggestions or simply questions, and most of my responses around this subject usually end with it depends. To be truthfully honest there is no one right dress or suite for everyone. As much as we want to believe that having that new vera wang dress is going to make our wedding perfect, it’s simply not the case. I have been a part of wedding’s where the bride and groom have far out-spent their budget, when it comes to attire and have not benefited one bit because of it. Often that actually negatively impacts the wedding because the couple has regrets during the wedding of how much they have spent, and those are not feelings we want at your wedding. Ultimately what I tell my clients is that we want comfort!

Comfort in the sense that we are comfortable with how much we spent. Comfortable with how the dress and suite fits, and comfortable with how everything looks. I don’t want my guests to focus too much on what they are wearing, but rather on how they are feeling. So by ensuring that we are comfortable in our clothes and in our decision, we will be more comfortable in our skin during the wedding, and trust me it will show in the pictures.

The best weddings for our team have often been the weddings where the bride and groom were a little last minute with choosing attire, but not because they were slacking, but because it was not what was most important to them. The wedding itself was most important, and the joy of being in the moment with all their friends and family. This typically results in fewer expectations and more comfort for everyone who is a part of the wedding. Nobody wants to feel like everything has to be just right and their walking on egg shells, because we then lose the fluidity of the event, and the natural unfolding of the evening.

Again the focus is comfort! We want you to be comfortable in your attire, so you can be you. After all, it’s not the clothes that are getting married, it’s the people beneath the clothes that are getting married. Choose an attire that is suitable and comfortable, so you can feel confident, and you can also feel relaxed.

Do the same for groomsmen and bridesmaids…

It’s no fun to be part of a wedding where you are forced to dress in a very unnatural way. Sure there is some compromise, but don’t force your friends into clothes that they are going to be self conscious about all night. This will result in them avoiding pictures and simply not relaxing.

Give your entourage some leniency. 

We have catered to many successful weddings where the bride and groom allowed their bridesmaid and groomsmen to entirely dress themselves. Though some outfits may have been a tad questionable, those weddings always went off without a hitch. Everyone’s personality showed through, and everyone felt comfortable to be themselves. Resulting in little to no shyness, timidness, or stiffness of any kind.

The Dance Test

My biggest suggestions to those planning a wedding is to do the dance test when trying on your clothes. Get all suited up and then strut a little dance inside the store. If you don’t feel comfortable and confident doing a little dance in the store, then you will surely not feel comfortable or confident in front your wedding guests. Plus you don’t want to break a seam on the big day. So let lose and give your suite or dress a test drive in the store, by letting lose, and shaking a few moves.

I hope that this helped some of you out in making these sometimes tough decisions of what to wear. I understand that some of you are set on that perfect dress or suit, but do make sure it will offer you some sort of comfort like I have described here.

Happy wedding shopping!

Joanie Scott Weddings 


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