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So it’s official, you guys want to get married. But the next big question is where?

There are many factors to consider when trying to pick that perfect location. Often times people will have had a certain dream location picked out since they were a child making the decision rather easy. Whereas others have little to no idea where they want to get married, or earlier ideas were not feasible. If you fall in line with the latter, then let us provide a few pointers to assist you in picking the right place for the big day.

Size of the wedding – Depending on how many people you intend to invite typically plays a large role in the location of the wedding. If you want a large party, then you will have to ensure the venue can accommodate that many people, or that you you can appropriately cater to that many people outdoors, if you want to choose an outside location.

Time of Year – This seems fairly intuitive, but you would be surprised by how often this gets over looked. Many times people will choose a destination outside of their home state, and not consider the local season well enough. Typically this results in unplanned conditions like rain, snow or even heat/ humidity. Often times attendees will not be adequately prepared and coordinators will have to make last minute adjustments. Of course there will always be a degree of unpredictability, but we should attempt to anticipate as much as we foreseeably can.

Cost – It’s good practice to anticipate the cost that guest will bare while attending your wedding. The cost of food, travel, and lodging will give you a good idea if it will be affordable for your guests to attend your wedding. You do not want the financial cost to burden your guests, or present any reason for them not to attend. Try to pick a location that is feasible for all who attend as much as possible.

Photos – There will be tons of pictures taken so we always encourage couples to pick a location that has good scenery for photographs. By no means do you need the perfect back drop, but be mindful of the picture quality that will be available.

Accessibility – Another consideration that you will want to account for when choosing a destination is how accessible it is. We have catered to many weddings that simply were hard to get to, or difficult to locate for guests. Additionally, If you are getting married on a mountain top then make sure that their is sufficient parking for your guests and that the elderly can navigate the terrain.

Beyond these considerations, make sure you pick a location that you absolutely love. You obviously want to accommodate your guests and ensure that there are not any obvious hindrances, but overall you want to enjoy your location completely. As always the day is about you, so make sure your interests are met above anyone else’s. Of course, the more you cater the wedding to your guests the more likely they are to be able to attend and of course be comfortable. But after all, the choice is yours!

We would love to hear some of your favorite wedding locations, and anything we possibly missed.

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