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So you’ve proposed, you’ve picked out your attire, you’ve picked a location, and now its time to choose a ride. For some this may not be necessary or desirable, but for many, it is the highlight of the event. It’s an age-old tradition to be escorted to-and-from the wedding in a limousine or chauffeured vehicle. Though the days of tin cans trailing behind the vehicle and just married painted across the back window may be over, the tradition of being escorted in a fashionable ride still lives on. One of our favorite things to suggest to the bride and groom is looking into a company that offers chauffeur service for vintage vehicles. These vehicles work extraordinarily well in photoshoots, and offer an added element of fun at the wedding. If you cannot locate a vintage vehicle, or prefer a classic limousine anyway, then make sure to find a company that has a large selection of vehicles to choose from, that are modern, and well equipped. Here is one of our favorite limo services in phoenix which we commonly recommend, because you can see it has a great selection of modern vehicles. There are many other great companies like this one throughout the nation, and we are more than willing to consult with you if you have questions or need suggestions. Our greatest advice is that you ensure you have a suitable vehicle for the wedding, and that there will be no surprises with the quality of the vehicle when it arrives to pick you up.

Before reserving a vehicle for your wedding we recommend that you take the time to look over these suggestions, to ensure you make the right choice for your big day. It may seem like an easy task, but booking a vehicle for your wedding takes more consideration than you would think, which is why we’re covering it here. If you have any additional questions while reading over our suggestions please write them in the comments, or contact us directly.

  1. Spend the extra money – We have seen countless couples spend their budget on everything else at the wedding, and leave little to nothing for the limousine rental. Unfortunately this often times results in mediocre vehicles and service. We suggest that you choose the company that offers extraordinary vehicles and service, to ensure the vehicle does not put a damper on the event.
  2. Check Reviews – We always suggest you check reviews on the company you’re going to be choosing. Previous customer reviews will be a good indicator if that company will provide excellent service on your wedding day or not. Definitely stay away from companies that have bad reviews, especially if they are in regards to the quality of the vehicles, and or the limo being late. A tardy limo driver is not a great way to start your wedding day.
  3. Check With Friends – Often times your friends will have a company that they will recommend. So call some married friends who live locally to see if anyone has a company that they recommend for your wedding. Though it may take a little calling around, it will be worth it.
  4. Reserve Ahead of Time – Please make sure you book your vehicle way ahead of time. Far too often clients are faced with last minute changes when they realize their vehicle booked before they got the chance to reserve it. If you find something you like, please reserve it immediately. Even though it may be 6 months in advance, some of these vehicles book quicker than you would expect. You don’t want to be scrambling last minute to get your plans in order.

From our experience the process of choosing a limousine or vehicle for your wedding is more difficult than it seems. Ensuring you get a vehicle that is modern, clean, and well equipped is harder to come by than you would think. We hope that you make this a priority during your wedding planning, and that you do your due diligence before choosing just any chauffeur service. This is a critical component to most weddings, and often has the biggest part in effecting the quality of the wedding. Follow our suggestions and your wedding should go off without a hitch.

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