Creativity Wins

We have been fortunate enough to celebrate the special day with hundreds of couples as they say I do. With tons of memorable moments throughout our history as a premiere wedding planner, we have to say that the ones that stand in our memory the clearest are the ones that are really creative. Not just in the decor of the venue and the attire, but in the entire wedding itself. We have been with couples as they stand among the most serene scenery and grandiose backdrops, but it is the weddings that we spend in hot air balloons and among animals at the zoo that will stay in our minds clearer than pictures. We are not diluting the value of a traditional wedding, but we are merely drawing upon the fact that creativity really makes that special day, even more special. No need to spend a lot of money, but tailoring the day to your interests and personality in a creative way, will make the day stand out in your own memory and the memory of your guests.

Recently we were catering to a wedding where the bride and groom wanted to theme the wedding to the comic hero Batman. Both of them have had a lifetime interests in the superhero and wanted to do something untraditional, since both of them have untraditional personalities. The wedding was unique and creative from beginning to end. The whole wedding party dressed in character as villains from the Batman comics, and the guests in similarly themed attire.

The groom came down the isle as the Joker (famous villain from Batman) in a small motorcar with a theme song from the old tv show playing. The priest who married them was dressed appropriately as Batman, who was tied up by another one of the villain groomsmen. The wedding was filled with laughter and joy and with a variety of fun themed pictures.

This wedding along with other cleverly themed weddings, and creative venues makes for a memorable experience thats enjoyed by all. The best part ever, is that guests get an in-depth look into the personality of the couple getting married. It’s an excellent opportunity to express yourself publicly in front of your closes friends and family.

Regardless of your interests or personality let it be expressed and embraced by all your friends and family. We would offer suggestions, but we think only you are able to say what is appropriate for you, and that you may be limited by what someone else suggests. Don’t settle on your special day, it only comes once…be creative…be you!

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