Make sure your venue is prepared for everything

Hey all, I want to quickly suggest something based on a recent experience we had with a wedding, and that is making sure the venue is prepared for incidences. What I mean by this is to make sure your venue is adequately prepared for things like weather condition changes, such as unexpected rain or a drop in temperature. Or even unexpected power outages, or swarms of unwanted birds or pests. What I am saying is make sure your venue is prepared for the worst. No one wants an unexpected catastrophe to shut down the whole wedding. Just this past week we had put together a wedding that had an unexpected plumbing malfunction. I mean a serious malfunction that was quickly about to flood the dinning hall where all the guests would be having dinner. Most of the staff started panicking including myself but I knew that the venue had emergency numbers in case of incidences such as this one. This was potentially one of the worst incidences I had ever seen and huge shout out to who came out and quickly fixed the problem. If we didn’t have an emergency contact for this type of incidence then the wedding certainly would have been ruined.

I have been at other weddings where irrigation malfunctions and even gas leaks have shut down the entire wedding or resulted in last minute changes. In these events I try and remind the wedding party that this will make memories you will never forget, which is true. However it is much more desirable for the wedding to go as planned and not forced to make last minute changes. Like I discussed previously, you want to make sure your venue and or wedding planner has prepared for worst case scenarios. This means making sure that if an unexpected down pour of rain comes your way, you have an alternative place on the property to cater guests and have the wedding where guest wont get wet. Additionally, you want to make sure you have heat lamps and fireplaces if the temperature unexpectedly drops or conditions are colder than you anticipated. As I mentioned earlier it is really important the property or venue has a back up generator in case you lose power during the wedding. The lights and music are a huge part of the wedding, and if you lose that, then the wedding takes a big hit. Many times wedding venues have these bases covered, but they fall short on having emergency contacts. Like I mentioned with our plumbing catastrophe, emergency contacts can save the day. It is imperative that your wedding planner or the venue has a list of emergency contacts. Far too often unexpected events occur during a wedding and people are unprepared to deal with them. Most events are easy to prepare for and to anticipate, and there is no reason they should devastate your special day. By no means are we saying to assume things will go awry, and most often they wont. However if they do, there are easy measurements to take to guard against it ruining your day.

Part of the fun of life is that you don’t always know what life will throw at you, and it’s part of the adventure. And as long as you are prepared for the occasional bumps then you will not be jolted by them.

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