5 Ways To Be Stress Free….



When it comes to your Wedding Day you want everything to go as smoothly as possible.  Especially when you are focusing on getting ready and preparing to walk down that aisle.  I have prepared a list of 5 things you can do BEFORE your big day, that will help to ensure that you are at your peaceful place when it comes to your wedding day.  These 5 little things are small gestures that can be done leading up to your wedding, that will make a difference in the energy that surrounds your day to say I do.

  1. Make arrangements to stay at a hotel close to your venue the night before. To make it extra fun and memorable invite the wedding party to stay too.  The groom and his party will have their rooms and the bride and her party will have their rooms.  It gives the newlywed couple a little bit of adventure not seeing each other until the big day when you are right about to get married.  It also will help with last minute organizational needs.  Having all the extra hands around you will ensure everything gets taken care of with the least about of issues possible.  
  2. Take some you time… Whether it be a walk around the hotel grounds solo to take a minute to clear and recenter yourself.  Or maybe sitting in a hot bubble bath with a good book.  Doing something away from everyone else to collect yourself and get your mindset to where you want it to be.  This is it after all.  All your hard work and planning has paid off and tomorrow you are about to marry the man of your dreams!!
  3. Create a wedding countdown playlist.…Music is good for the mind and soul.  It will help to keep you motivated and positive even through the little issue that may arise.  Or for the mere fact that all of your combined family members will be together and who knows what could happen.
  4. Plan a wine night with your girlfriends...  Either go to a cute spot and enjoy a bottle of wine together laughing and having fun.  This is one of your last nights out as a single lady.  You are entering a new phase of your life soon.  Basque in the moment and enjoy your girlfriends!!  No stress or stress topics allowed.
  5. Go back through old messages and love notes from your significant other.  Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on all the fun times, excitement and the first dates you had together.  It will reinforce your love for one another especially for your big day!

These are just a few of my suggestions that I think can help to alleviate some of the stress factors of your big day.  After all who wouldn’t stress ,you want this day to go perfectly.  It will only happen once with this other person and you want good, fun memories full of happiness.

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