Maid Vs. Matron Of Honor

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The lines can often be blurred when it comes to bridal party duties and obligations.  One that is especially most googled is the responsibilities of the Maid/Matron of Honor, and what is the difference exactly between the two.  First things first, a married bridal attendant is known as the Matron Of Honor, an unmarried bridal attendant is known as the Maid Of Honor.  

Whether your title is Matron or Maid of Honor your responsibilities are the same.  What are those responsibilities exactly?  First things first the main responsibility of the Maid Of Honor is to coordinate and organize the bridesmaids activities.  This means everything from getting together for the dress fittings, to planning both the bridal shower and Bachelorette Party.  The MOH will also help both the Bride and Groom with any errands or wedding prepping task before the wedding.  Addressing invitations, giving the lovebirds reminders on things they need to do or have picked up etc.

On the day of the wedding The MOH helps the bride get ready in whatever way she can.  From helping her get into her dress and accompanying her to the ceremony.  Once the ceremony has begun the MOH will arrange the bride’s veil and train of her dress and will continue to do so throughout the reception and the rest of the wedding.  She will also hold the bouquet as the bride gets married.  Once the ceremony is complete she will help to organize the bridesmaids for pictures and will dance with the best man as well as sign the marriage certificate as a witness for the bride.  She will also give a toast about the bride and the groom when called upon.

Once the reception has ended and the wedding is coming to an end she will help the bride change into her honeymoon attire and send her off with the the rest of the guests attending the event.  She will then take care of both the bouquet and the wedding dress until the bride’s return.  Being the MOH is just what it says, an honor.  Usually the MOH is someone very close to the bride such as a sister or best friend or perhaps another family member. Either way she is there to help you every step of the way throughout your wedding planning and the day of the big I do.  Cheers to the Maid/Matron of Honor out there!!

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