It’s a Boat Wedding

A Wedding on the Water – What an Idea!

If you seek to explore an untraditional type of wedding, you may care to explore getting married on a boat- sail boat, yacht, or charter boat- off beautiful coastal waters. Although not your typical wedding venue, there are several reasons marrying the one you love from a boat may be the way to go. We met with a few key people including a Yacht Charter Captain, Florida boat wrap company, and a wedding planner to get all the details on a wedding on the water.

We recently had a reader write in about her quaint, oceanfront wedding in Fort Lauderdale. We thought we would share a few reasons why a boat wedding may be something to consider, as well as a few ways get started on the planning adventure.

Reasons to Get Married on a Boat….

  1. Affordable Wedding Venue.
  2. Stunning Views & Wedding Photos. Photos on the water and brilliant light so the skylines behind.
  3. Limited guest List. If you are having a hard time narrowing down the list, the limited space on a boat makes you have to limit the list.
  4. Choices! Getting married on a boat can be as elegant or as casual as you want. Want  a day wedding with the guests wearing swim suits after the ceremony?…do it! Do you desire a more elegant theme and want to dine to a five star dinner?…do it! Do you want the feel of Titanic with you and your beau (now spouse at the bow)?…you can have that! Really the choices are fast and can accommodate many.
  5. Uninterrupted Venue. Forget having the ceremony at one venue then hopping off to another venue for the reception, on you dream boat wedding it all happens in one place, eliminating the nedd for travel.

We just presented you with some reasons WHY a wedding on the water may be the perfect venue and setting, now let’s explore what you can do once you’ve decided to wed on the water.

Preparing For a Boat Wedding…

  1. There are many Yacht Charter Companies that will help you plan the whole thing, from the boat to the dinner, to the dancing.
  2. Want to make your boat wedding personalized? Burl from Marine Wraps in Fort Lauderdale says decorate your boat to reflect your wedding, but with more than just flowers. Vinyl wrapping a boat( to display the bride and groom (bride & bride or groom and groom), any specific images, graphics, or words is a way to really personalize your water venue. Vinyl films can be removed and put a boat back to it’s original look. *Please note…you must check the Charter Company or Boat Owner prior.
  3. Decide your style….Elegant, Beachy, Nautical, Casual….
  4. Begin the planning!

Have you wed on the water? WE would love to hear your story and see your pictures!



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